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This week sees new releases from several of the finest live acts in the country.Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes describe themselves as “Auckland’s number one band”, and as anyone who has seen them live can atest, it is a moniker they more than live up to. Their debut album was recorded live over two days, and captures their big-band sound which has gained them a cult following.

One of the finest bands in the Dunedin music scene, Males, have released their new double EP, Run Run Run/Males Males Males today. Part of a new breed of Dunedin acts, this band put on a brilliant live show displaying their brand of guitar pop. The double EP features not only their 2012 EP Males Males Males, but also five new tracks.

Also available for the first time on CD and digitally is the early recordings of Mavis Rivers. During the New Zealand years of her career, Mavis became one of our most prolific and versatile recording artists covering pop, jazz, novelty, country and western and swing genres among her 53 released tracks on 78 rpm, long before the advent of albums. The album features 24 of her early recordings.

The new EP from The Means, The Ends EP, is available today. Featuring Abraham Kunin, Tom Broome and Marika Hodgson, the members have a huge musical pedigree, having played with the likes of Jon Toogood, Julia Deans, Home Brew and more. With groovebased music featuring tasteful soulinfused melodies from a host of guest vocalists, The Means are set to unleash more forward-thinking pop music on the country.


Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes / Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes

Digital: $19.95

Widely regarded as one of the finest live acts in the country, this is the debut album of rhythm and blues from Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes.

The TANZA, Stebbing & Zodiac Years / Mavis Rivers

CD: $22.95

The release on CD for the first time of Mavis Rivers’ early New Zealand recordings for the TANZA and the Stebbing labels transports you back to the dawn of recorded music in Aotearoa.

Same Home Town (Organikismness Remix) – Single / Salmonella Dub

Digital: $1.99

The latest in a series of remixes of their latest single, this remix comes courtesy of Organikismness.


Run Run Run/Males Males Males / Males

CD: $16.95

A trio from Dunedin, this is the new EP from Males, who describe themselves as guitar-pop crammed with melody, propulsive guitar, helium vocals & harmonies. It’s powerpop on a sugar diet, with serious themes.


The Magpies


Artist of the week at theaudience.co.nz, Earthworm is the new musical project of Reuben Bonner, formerly of An Emerald City.

The Ends EP

The Means

With an inimitable sound best described as groovebased music, featuring tasteful soulinfused melodies from a host of guest vocalists, this is the debut EP for The Means.


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