Time to break up with our banks – 2 December

Press Release – Oil Free Otago

2 December 10am
ANZ Moray Place

We asked ANZ nicely ages ago to take our invested money out of big coal, oil and gas projects in Australasia and the Pacific, and they ignored us.

In May we joined in with Break Free actions around the country, sending them a much stronger message that investment in fossil fuels is destroying the climate and putting our future at risk. Did they care?

Many of us also signed a pledge putting both ANZ and Westpac on notice: if they didn’t commit to divesting from fossil fuels within six months, we would start pulling our money out of the two banks.

Have they listened?

No. The deadline for divestment was 25 November, so TIME’S UP. Now this week, people all over New Zealand will begin switching banks.

In Dunedin, we’re going to meet at ANZ Moray Place at 10amtomorrow 2nd of December. It won’t take long, we won’t get walked on, it will be fun and family friendly. We’ll close our bank accounts together. Help us send a message to these banks that funding climate change won’t happen on our watch. Come to the Photo Booth to get a picture of you cutting up your credit card.

Don’t know what bank to switch to, or how to switch? Go to 350.org.nz and check out their Bank Switch Guide and get ready to move your money out of ANZ and Westpac!

Even if you don’t bank with ANZ or Westpac, come and stand with us in solidarity at the national 350 Aotearoa Bank Break-Up. We would love all the support we can get – if you can’t close your account we still need bodies on the ground. This town is getting itand we want our banks to get it too.

We’d love to see you there!

Oil Free Otago and the 350 Dunedin crew


PS: For some inspiration, watch Oil Free Otago, 350 Dunedin and Dunedin Catholic community supporters speaking at the Dunedin City Council public forum on 15 November – (03:00 to 35:00) – about the 2017 oil and gas Block Offer.
AND! see our new Council’s response to these amazing presentations – (07:00 to 1:02:12)

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